The final price will depend on the severity of the problem.

An average treatment with braces on the upper and lower teeth costs approximately DKK 38,000-43,000 for children and DKK 47,000 – 55,000 for adults. This price includes retainers with a guarantee for a full year after the active treatment is finished and a 2-year aftercare visit.

  • Lingual braces
    Lingual braces
    If you prefer invisible braces, choose the lingual bracket treatment in which the brackets are placed on the back of your teeth. This will cost about DKK 21,600 extra per jaw.
  • Transparent brackets
    Transparent brackets
    Aesthetic brackets. For treatment with transparent ceramic brackets, DKK 5.500 per jaw
  • Invisalign
    The price for Invisalign treatment ranges from DKK 32,000 to DKK 56,000.


  • At the beginning of the treatment, you will pay a deposit, usually around DKK 9,000.
  • The rest of the fee is paid over a 2-year period in monthly instalments.
  • Twice yearly, an inflation adjustment is calculated on the amount still owed.
  • If you pay the full amount in advance with cash, you receive a 2% discount.