Getting started! – the typical course

  1. Get an appointment
  2. Your first consultation with the orthodontist, where a tentative treatment plan is presented. It is important to note that there will be a consultation fee if you decide not to start a treatment. If you do begin treatment, the consultation is included in the treatment fee.
  3. If you decide to begin a treatment, the next step is a consultation where scanning, X-rays and photos are made in order to make a treatment plan. The doctor will then create a treatment plan and make a fee arrangement.
  4. Active treatment begins.
  5. Active treatment ends and the passive treatment begins. In this phase, the newly aligned teeth are stabilized with retainers.
  6. After 2 years with a few check-ups, the passive treatment phase ends. The treatment of the patient is now complete. Regular checks ups can continue in certain cases.

Oral hygiene

When you begin your treatment with us, we will carefully instruct you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the procedure.

You will receive special instructions on how to brush and rinse your teeth and braces and retainers. We will counsel you about what types of food you can eat while you are wearing appliances.